Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Is Graphic Design Art?

So there’s a question older than “why are we here”.  Is graphic design art? Some say it depends on whether the project functions for the sake of monetary gain versus existing for its own sake. But maybe it’s about the scope.

How far does the maker go to get the results they intended? If the solution to the problem doesn’t exist on the mainstream market, or if the resources push you to think outside the box, what sort of creative play is bound to happen? If you don’t surrender first, creative juice will runneth over. The cool thing about play is, the rules change and evolve as you get more in to it. The vision you had in the beginning will be a semblance to the final piece if you follow through.
On an earlier post, I wrote about the importance of prototyping. I try to get a project materialized quickly to figure out what the potential problems are. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t completely thought out, because frankly, it’s impossible and limits the possibilities.