Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Turntable Tuesday :: A Typecase Made with Amore

The end of the day can be an accumulation of, well just that, the end of the day. There are some habits I try to keep even with a newborn soon to turn one, like walking at the golden hour listening to my favorite podcasts.
Today on my routine walk was Radiolab’s tribute to renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks. On my normal route this evening, crossing a barrier gate I’ve crossed over a number of times before, I noted the word “nice” printed on it as part of the insignia.
I’m not sure how to come full circle with this Tuesday post except for the loud and clear message of love. The things we do and make for each other, not just on certain days, but base a life on it, like Mr. Sacks did. You base a life betting that the person you come into contact with will have a good share of it and at some point at that golden hour it will come back full circle, and it does.