Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Sketch Ideas

For some of us sketching might mean doodling on a napkin, for others it means saving visual inspirations on a mobile application (Evernote comes to mind) or perhaps Pinterest. But it all starts with an idea and then evolves into visual form.  Brainstorming the big idea is the hard part, but it’s also the most stimulating for me.

After the big idea and visual doodling, mock it up.

Print tests: checking out lay out and best paper for this project :: Stay Tuned!

I use a combination of virtual and physical visuals to generate which direction I’ll go in. The physical handling of material can very quickly lay out the problems you may encounter. It goes for anything, even shopping. A shirt you might like to buy that looks good on the mannequin or in a web shop, but doesn’t really have context until it’s on you. At that point you might decide it deserves another shade of shoes to go along with it or the fit asks for you to shed a couple of pounds, but the party is tomorrow...

Which also brings me to another point, time. The gathering of inspiration should not outweigh time in execution. The beautifully made things on line, or otherwise, that attract us take time to put together! They aren’t hack jobs. In the best case scenerio, you should have enough (but not too much) time. Once you get to your big idea and visual (doodling included) gathering move on to a mock up, meaning bringing it to life. Make it! It’ll look like the ugly duckling at first, but what potential in that little brute!