Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Turntable Tuesday :: Paper Chase

What is the most important factor when designing a stationery project? Some would say the concept others would say resources. I would have to say paper a lot of times. It communicates feeling, craftsmanship and richness that is hard to convey with ink and ideas alone.

Italy is an old country and along with it come craftsmen from generations down. They have their methods, and imbue soul into what sometimes seems a soulless market place. This is indeed why we, paper lovers, are so inclined to them. They are elusive, plainly dressed and always at the dinner table to share a story.

 Letterpress silhouette bride and groom
Magnani’s Etrusca - textured Italian paper

One of my loves is Magnani paper. This was one of the oldest paper mills in Italy located in Pescia at the Amalfi coast. I was never able to visit it and it liquidated in 2014. There are paper distributors that still carry the original paper, but most assets were bought by Cordenons Srl. Now the brand and its know-how will be left in the hands of another company. In the end, it wasn’t because of a lack of interest by consumers in the paper, but a lack of money to update machinery, infrastructure and to top it off an un-repaired road that brought to the paper mill raw materials.

I have my own supply of Magnani paper, but now more than ever, golosa of it. Recently I’ve resumed a paper chase as I have a birthday party to do (stay tuned). My eyes have been on Japan, not because it was originally what I was looking for, but the paper looking for me.

source credits:
Magnani Papers Australia