Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pizza Piemontese fatto in casa

Spent a great last weekend with Anna Savino and her husband who came into town for the weekend. She’s a food, wine and culture blogger covering northern Piedmonte, and in particular the Langhe hills wine region between the Italian Alps and Riviera. She’s easy to reach and anyone coming to this part of Italy should read her blog for some amazing tips on where to go to spend quality time. So, what better way to treat our friends than with some pizza ‘fatto in casa’ (made at home. Here she guides you with an illustrated step by step on how to make the best pizza. It’s a recipe formulated over many years of happy experimenting by a Piemontese called Lino.

(photos by Anna Savino in our kitchen)

Friday, March 9, 2012

A little Milk & Granola Perspective

Nothing like a little granola and milk humor to validate life’s existential questions. Droga5’s ads for Kraft MilkBite Bars asks those very important questions with this little guy named Mel (part granola/part milk). He’s discovered his artistic side, had dating dilemmas, joined a book club and confronted his parents (I’d personally like to see Mel sit down to do his taxes). Last I’ve heard he’s made his way out from the dairy section to engage in new experiences.

Great article on Adweek. You can also follow Mel on facebook-cool little morsel that he is.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Characteristics of a snail and Italy

Letterpress is not the easiest thing to catch on fire here in Italy and paradoxically it’s “new”, whereas in the States it’s “vintage". Italy with its own internal timer and tendencies, is a culture very connected to their roots. This is evident to me when I see a group of young adults still celebrate with a long meal and bingo at the end of the evening. New things come in small doses, and while in America there is so much to tap into, explore, share and a “let’s do it” attitude, Italy is conservative and reflective. It is a place of outstanding art and design where when steps are taken, they are taken at a snails pace, intentionally slow. It’s the dragging of the tail that shouldn’t be missed making strides.

Italia sul vino e paesaggio