Friday, March 28, 2014

French & Italian Type Separate, Like Their Wines & Cheese

French type height 0.928” and widely, but not strictly, used in Italy. Best to keep French & Italian type separate-like their wines & cheese. In Europe there are quite a few type heights and it can get baffling as one starts to learn and buy letterpress tools. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Maker Station II: Meet & Greet

Happy Maker Station II had a face to face (love off-screen time) meet & greet this week. There are new and interesting work by creatives to add to the event this year. Here we are KALATA’S co-working space.

Happy Maker Station Part II è un mercato creativo di prodotti con la targhetta “made in Italy”, materializzati dall'arricchimento delle idee dei creativi a Km 0 e 100% di passione. Questa è un'esperienza intima tra pubblico e maker, con creativi di varie tipologie, dalla stampa tradizionale al design, dalla moda all’arte. Nuovamente saremo nel centro storico di  Mondovì Piazza - un’accogliente location da valorizzare con l’aiuto di tutti, dove ognuno è protagonista.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Make Do :: Furniture for Letterpress

Hand-setting type at the beginning was a challenge, mostly because I didn’t have a bunch of furniture for letterpress to start off with and had to make do with what I did have. It was a big puzzle trying to fill up the spaces in my form with a limited supply of widths and lengths. Now, that I’ve built up my supply, I’m happy I went about building up my forms the hard way funny enough. Then of course, you’ve got to think about building a piece of furniture to house all your furniture.