Friday, April 29, 2011

Osmosis :: Erik Spiekermann

Osmosis: // What do Spiekermann, Hobo and Schwinn have in common?
I stumbled upon this video on Erik Spiekermann while doing research on my own German lever press and its origins (and it seems pretty conclusive that it's a Hohner Hobo). Hobo bringing to mind the 1960's Schwinn bike "Slick Chick" re-painted in a VW Moon Silver after I restored it. Hohner Hobo also being a counterpart to the American C&P press. That's what I got so far.

Other designer's work, travel and reading prove to be Spiekermann's greatest sources of inspiration and then re-interpreted into his own work. He goes on to say that designers are influencing each other's work and are tremendously "in tune" and speak "visual dialects". Metaphorical references are made between words and music--space and rhythm, "and just as in music, that makes it exciting!" he says, and I wholeheartedly agree.

His work includes transforming the BVG (Berlin transit passenger communication system) and Corporate Identity systems type Audi, Nokia and AT&T. I was most struck in the interview by his distinction between advertising agencies primary focus and function on the campaign compared to that of a designer's focus on communication
(openess-accessibilty-clarity). Insomma, we need a better educated culture of clients who aren't just interested in the "wow" factor.

Words, he believes, fuction as signs and proliferators of knowledge. He took for instance the internet encouraging people to read more than ever in our history. Varrying cultures of languge (be it internet, i-pad, twitter, etc...) continue to grow. His message was a positive and inspirational one that we can do things that have a profound change on the people we live with and the community we live in through visual culture. What a way to start the weekend...