Tuesday, April 12, 2011

estuvo aquí // i was here

estuvo aquí//i was here

I consider conceiving the most fun part of creating,as it entails imagination and there are no limits to it. But then there is the the grimy part, which is sometimes almost impossible to do depending on where you live, resources and support available to you.
So, before the press in hand, I've created this blog and name along with it. I've even got business cards which I printed at the workshop, but no press...or letters...or ink, but ideas are flowing.

Pirouette is a state of mind. It was obvious to me that I needed a name that could be pronounced by Americans and Italians (given that's where I live), and French and Spanish too. Then there was the double sidedness to the name...to reel, to turn, to spin. I imagine my little press (to be) as a dancer on their toes doing something pretty.

Then, perhaps just as difficult as obtaining my first press (yes they exist in Europe),because they are expensive to transport (many in Germany and England), in need of repair, language barriers... is learning to communicate on this blog on a personal level. The blogging sphere is meant for this. It's easier for me to speak about art or the abstract then talking about myself. But, as I've come to understand that is what I like about other letterpress blogs (and food and interior design blogs too). The writer shares their troubles, frustrations and inspirations along the way, and you can see how things develop and grow with later posts.

It's the grime that leave its mark after all.