Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Black Corsair (Pt. 2)

Image Via Basler Papiermuhle

So, I got the word last week that my Hohner lever press is ready. Now, all I have to do is go and get it, which I'm arranging to do over Easter weekend. The trip will take a scenic route through Switzerland, where there is a working printing/paper museum in Basel. Hoping to arrive just on time to get some handmade paper from the mill there!

Then, off towards Germany for the night in Saarbrucken. This area of Germany has a long history with France and shows it in their assimilation of French culture. I'm excited about trying some new dishes, and apparently they do some inventive things with the potato and serve most things with crunchy bread (like the French). Living in the north of Italy, near the Langhe hills I've come to appreciate food on an almost obsessive nature (we are slowfood nation here), but I'll leave that for other posts.