Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Turntable Tuesday : Taming Neenah, Menu Design

Here is a paper sample booklet by NEENAH PAPER COMPANY. I’ve had it for about 15 years, so a bit tattered. I’ve permitted myself to cut out just parts from a few pages and even brought it over with me to Italy from America. It goes to show how much I love this...well, object.

It is just about perfect in every way and has always been a sort of design inspiration: from the conceptual, visual and the quality of its brand and product. What’s even cooler is that Neenah doesn’t really have to do all this and could settle for doing much less and make a pretty penny all the same, but then what’s the point, right?  


So, keeping on turntable topic, this paper sample booklet looks at how menu design is as important to the overall dining experience (for, lets not forget those paying customers looking for a nice night out), as almost, well, the food.

The booklet humorously makes its point in case with a photo of Neenah (the alpha waitress), illustrations of hungry winged ladies, scenerio diagrams to show proper tip etiquette, a photo of grandma’s candy bowl filled with mints before you head out the door. This is artfully presented, designed and printed on a range of Neenah paper products -- from textured to speckled, thick to translucent and matte to glossy paper. Neenah’s at her best. 


TAME IMPALA, I’d say the perfect guest to this slightly outrageous, but always perfectly dressed dinner party.