Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuntable Tuesday : Beauty On The Page - Food Photography

I’ve started "Turntable Tuesday" to edge in a word wise about food and lifestyle and spread the awesome tunes I hear on my favorite podcasts etc.. For me, these things are an integral part of living well and moving forward with projects and plans in my letterpress studio. Music is the obvious in most people’s lives and it takes little effort to plug in our mp3 player, but eating well isn’t so straightforward, I think. These images are from photographers, artists, illustrators, cooks who all have the scope of designing beauty on the page.

Yossy Arefi

Sure, there are tons of data and information out there and most newspapers have a health section with very insightful articles, but it’s more complicated--maybe sometimes boring. Interesting are the sites and media outlets which celebrate "just food”--the simplicity of food, the process of creating and the rawness of ingredients, perhaps are the things that can more readily attract us towards a better (and more appreciative) way to eat.

Brooklyn based, YOSSY AREFI (above) combines her two passions: photography and baking. Unique, she uses vintage cameras (film) to photograph her work. She has a baking blog with photography and full recipes. (images via her blog)

Danish photographer, DITTE ISAGER is inspired by the light of Danish masters: Hammershøj & Krøyer. (images via her website)


Dutch cook and illustrator YVETTE VAN BOVEN & photographer/husband OOF VERSCHUREN, have recently published another Homemade, a book which Yvette lively illustrates and Oof beautifully documents processes in recipes influenced by their travels. (images via her blog)


NY based, ALICE GOA, stylist, photographer and blogger her upbeat imagery has a huge following on Instagram. (all images by Alice Goa)