Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Turntable Tuesday : Homage to Andy Warhol : 2 Day Letterpress Print Performance

I’ve revisited Andy Warhol, who celebrated a birthday on the 6th of August, and plan a two day letterpress print performance with friend Claudio Mandella from 9PT (14-15 August, 2013 Mondovì, Italy). This is a homage to a fantastic artist--not to be mistaken as an Abstract Expressionist, but the purveyor of Pop Art. Warhol had the cool capacity to make his objects d’art "un-unique". Common sources Warhol used in his works in fact came from reproductions from popular American culture like advertisements, hollywood icons and newspaper clippings.

15 min. of Fame

Heinz 57  limited ed. letterpress postcards

This was the genius in his work, and his overt answer to the upper-crust art scene of New York who didn’t regard him as one of their own. Screenprinting was used to further his notions of uniqueness in the non-original, for any of his factory workers could re-produce the print, but paradoxically no one print was the same - varying color or intensity. His vehicle was the American quintessential; objects like Campbell’s soup cans or Coca-Cola (which any prince or pauper could consume and it would taste the same, he’d say) became objects to be observed at once more closely.

Turntable Tuesday:
A look back at Andy Warhol's influence on music | KPBS.org
(listen to more influences on audio by KPBS)

Musicians influenced by Andy Warhol’s The Velvet Underground
Davide Bowie, Siouxsie and The Banshees and Strawberry Switchblade -
"The Velvet Underground and Nico” debut album for The Velvet Underground
album cover by Andy Warhol