Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Turntable Studio Tunes : Hearty

As the name suggests, Turntable Tuesday is about what I’ve been listening to in the studio, sources of inspirational tunes, but I’ll start to highlight the “table" in the turntable part of the title too. What’s been cooking, as most creatives love to cook or at the least have a good bite and a glass of something nice to be inspired. Italy, has plenty of this to offer and more. Many here have awesome gardens with seasonal goodies. 

Cranberry Beans
These are Cranberry Beans and look at that fuschia stripish skin (will use this color combination sooner or later)! They are a northern Italian favorite and have a hearty nutty flavor. As these are fresh and not dried, they cook quickly, typically in half an hour at a good simmer. Cook them in some broth or tomato sauce with fresh herbs to make an easy soup. 

Cranberry Beans

NPR produces such a great show called First Listen of known and lesser knowns and always with insightful commentary. We’ve all heard of Bob Dylan I think, but we might not be so familiar with his music. ’69-‘71 part of his life was an exploratory one and on this album we have the possibility to get a taste of various influences.

In the Studio is NPR’s First Listen: Bob Dylan, Highlights From 'Another Self Portrait (1969-1971)’ 

photo via NPR John Cohen/Courtesy of the artist