Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cross Cultural Letterpress Projects

While back in Austin for Christmas break, I made sure to visit printers along side Laura Thoms in the area. This time, I saw the likes of Bradley Hutchinson, hobbyist typecaster as well as owner of Digital Letterpress and Slugfest, a printmaking workshop/gallery owned by Margaret Simpson and Tom Druecker.

In Mr. Hutchinson’s studio, I asked to take a few pictures and was interested in a pile of papers next to stacked up ink cans. This pile turned out to be sheets from a catalog Hutchinson had printed for the rare book collection at Louisiana State University exhibition. I was then shown a sample of an English poem/book collaborative with Mexican printer Juan Pascoe--illustrated with block prints by Mexican woodblock artist Artemio Rodriguez, owner of La Mano Press.

Kudos at the boundless efforts made by printers and artists in cross cultural and academic feats.

Sheets: Rare book collection at LSU
scrap b.hutchinson
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Letterpress self promo flyers
Artemio Rodriguez and Juan Pascoe

Collaborative Poem Project: Handset Type Woodblock print
horse_text bradley