Friday, January 18, 2013

Creatives :: Expanding Skill Sets

Debra, Roxy, and Yvette behind grandma's house 6.3.75

Looking ahead to 2013, Polaroid shot. That’s me in the middle with cousins on either side

Off to a zealous start in the New Year? There are many plans and objectives for Pirouette Press 2013, but studio time seems to share unequivocal time with learning how to better serve my business. I happen to like reading about my passion, so in the last few months I've become an avid twitter girl, in part posting, but mostly gathering up "to the minute" information on useful and inspiring content which I don’t always come across so effortlessly on other networks.

This, needless to say, takes up part of my morning. I also subscribe to newsletters on marketing, brands, case-studies, technology and the like. Much of my information gathering gets re-posted on twitter, but here are some tips to boost for the blog.

Today a focus on expanding skill sets--meaning, not getting stuck into one specific discipline, but up-skilling and learning more about the extensions of our work. We can put ourselves in the more comfortable place of dreamer or creator of things in our studio, but perhaps have no idea how to promote our projects effectively on the digital platform. Understanding how to filter and better assess what we should be putting out there is pretty important.

Terminology SEO Search Engine Optimization (tips by Google): Make your content relevant and informative --keep it friendly for the user--make the experience easy from search engine to navigating your site. Mobile is on the up-swing, make sure your search engine and traffic are visualizing correctly. Promote your product effectively on-line with the buddy system: use your blog and social networks to link.