Monday, May 14, 2012

Pirouette Press Laboratorio :: Creative Event

To celebrate my first year at letterpress printing, I opened up the laboratory to friends. I thought it would be nice to involve other creatives too. It turned out to be pretty international affair. Italian dressmaker Francesca Ferrero of Kòrai displayed some of her romantic and somewhat retro inspired designs, French photographer Jèrome Poulaier showed his street photography, Charlotte Le Noxaic spoke about her travel photos to exotic lands like Peru and Vietnam (nice to interact with the person that experienced firsthand and hear their explanations and impressions was, I think, an added bonus). Illaria Panero inspired us with her talk on Symbology, and a married duo from Texas happened to be in town to add to the fun. As it turned out  Jessica had studied art and design not so far from where my parents live, and contributed some paintings on wood with salvaged cornices. Corey whipped up great finger foods with just enough spice to remind me of Texas! Guests had the chance to get their hands inky and work up their own lettering designs to print up on my proof press and take home.

stationary peace love
Pirouette Press stationary presented at studio event

the proof
guest prints
Printed works by guests

Kòrai  dress designs by Francesca Ferrero