Saturday, June 18, 2011

Slow Food Celebrating 25 Years

Today I spent with Slow Food (promoting local and seasonal food traditions) volunteering and partaking in the events organized for the community where I live. In actual fact, this event took place in varying degrees in 300 squares all over Italy.

Everything kicked off before lunch in a little gallery where some of Slow Food’s magazines and covers were blown up and exhibited (I quite like their food photography and layout for their publication). One of the founding members of Slow Food was there to share how his hobby as a photographer developed into something more serious even if Slow Food is a non-profit organization.

Later in the afternoon presidia (to help promote local artisan food production), a sensory education (adult and children blindfolded to guess what they smelt or tasted) and general information booths were set up. My role today was to pass out flyers to people who were at best very keen or in the least interested in (slow) food. During my stint as volunteer I encountered a 9 year old girl, daughter of one of the salami producers, who was more than happy to help pass out flyers, and before I knew it my huge stack had dwindled.