Thursday, June 30, 2011

Italian Style (Stile Italiano) Letterpress Studio

Alessandro Zanella’s very cool studio.

This post is long overdue by the way. In early spring I was invited for an informal gathering in a little village called Santa Lucia ai Monti in the province of Verona, Italy. Alessandro Zanella lives and works here from his studio, and is an interesting figure known for his 1854 Stanhope handpress which he prints limited ed. books from.

So, before the relatively small group of 30 interested headed off to lunch in a nearby risto, we had the chance to check out his studio and have an apèritif (my one clearly demonstrated in the photo above). Having started my own printing lab at home, I love looking at other people’s workspace and what makes them tick. I also marvel at the massive organization a printer should have which, I think, reflects on the work they produce.