Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dig It :: Kids Play and Printing

When you add meaning, be sure to equip with water for making mud pies and washing up. Spring is on and I have been working on designing a play space for the family. While doing so, I’ve made some parallels between it and printing in the studio.

In the thick of doing research on outdoor kid spaces, I leaned about Simon Nicholson and his theory of loose parts which asserts that by combining, moving and separating elements kids create environments just as knowingly as any architect or artist could. If the design contains to many prescriptions, can the hope for true imaginative play really take place? This is the debate in the case of the Silicon Valley dad who designed an area in his yard which included roof jumping for his kids.

Likewise, to best communicate a visual message, experimentation with paper, texture, thickness, ink, color, and print occurs. Building up to the final print requires wonderful errors. It’s here where the overlapping of colors kiss and mis-registrations happen, all of which can inspire a new approach.

There is an element of surprise in allowing things to move easily. Kids play, can you dig it?