Monday, April 18, 2016

Carattere in Cucina Letterpress Workshop

Carattere in Cucina letterpress workshop round-up. It was fantastic!
The participants were all mostly (graphic) designers or with a serious penchant for paper. They dove into their projects and came out like semi-pros.

I was lucky to have done this workshop at friends studio/store PapêI really like this location for the little things, like the mix of cultures, small business mindset and neighbor’s laundry hanging out to dry above your head as you walk through the typically small streets opening out onto larger more trafficked ones.

The theme of the workshop was "Carattere in Cucina” or Characters in the Kitchen. For the workshop I made each participant a Typo folder to carry their goods home in. Plain grey heavy stock was folded over, printed on with big bold wooden letters then spray painted in gold and held together with ribbon.
Typo Folders - mixed media
There were three compositions previously built up by me and Paola which the participants had to observe, break down and build up again and then break down and build up into smaller units to then print smaller formats to make recipe paper covers. They also had the chance to print a cliche on cork drink coasters which had been taken directly from a woodcut illustration.
CARATTERE IN CUCINA - letterpress place mats, recipe paper cover and cork coasters
Now for the fun part I guess! Inviting folks over for dinner and using things made just for the occasion.