Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Turntable Tuesday :: Italian, Dutch, French Adorable Toys

There have been so many reasons why having a baby in the house has been a delight. For one, discovering cool toys and the designers behind them!

Maya is graduating to new toys. I prefer that these toys fit into our lifestyle and ideals. Living in rural Italy, at times, I have to go the long way around to get what we I’m looking for. A lot of mentionable and savvy products out there are on the web or via Amazon (tag on shipping costs) are sold strictly in north America. There are, obviously under the radar forward thinking boutiques in Europe too, but you gotta hunt for them if you don’t live in Paris, London or Milan where you can easily pop into any concept store.

I often walk by and take notice of Tabaccheria Ghibaudo (newsagents/tobacconist/toy shop) window in my town. It never occurred to me to pop in, probably because I just didn’t equate tobacconist and toy shop fitting together. But there you have it, I finally stepped inside this little shop. One wall was dedicated to toys mostly in wood or paper next to the dailies and scratch-offs.  The stackable toys I was looking weren’t available, but are arriving. I discovered instead other constructions, mostly suitable for toddlers, by Dutch design group Studio Roof, Marc Vidal’s vintage inspired flash cards and sweets and origami animal inspired Zzzoo night lights by Ramin Razini for Officina Crea.

images via respective websites