Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spencerian Calligraphy at Castello di Morozzo

Today I spent some hours at an introductory course on Spencerian style calligraphy with Simona Picciotto at the equally romantic events location Castello di Morozzo. During these short months away from my press, I'm interested in taking my doodling one step or two forward. At first we did an exercise I found fun and visually interesting. We taped together two pencils to simulate the behavior of calligraphy nibs. Then, just like in grade school, we spent a great deal of time copying letters again and again until we felt more rhymic in our wrists.

Simona explained how letter forms are simply parts which are put together. Learn these parts and the whole begins to take on cohesion.

At the end we were given a personalized envelope with hand painted flowers in watercolor one could apply to invites and the like. I love love the courage to mix mediums and the outstanding textural effects experienced.