Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Puppy Love Affair :: Letterpress Cards

Had a busy week last week printing up some Christmas cards. My illustrative animal doodle was realized into a three color print. The initial idea was “COSAS BONITAS” -- pretty things. Instead of flowers, I thought of puppies. Friends have them and I can see how much joy they bring to their homes.

  Puppy Concept Sketch

I put a christmas hat and scarf on him and he’s all dressed up for the holidays! I digitally printed out a copy for myself as visual and color reference. My digital printer was running low on magenta and turned out a cool palish oatmeal yellow on the hat trim. I went with it.

Cosas Bonitas. Mix ink

The challenge and excitement of printing really gets going once it’s time for registration and shape takes form--one color at a time. Falling in love with this puppy!

Cosas Bonita. Puppy Passage

I made flat and folded cards and circular coasters meant for hanging christmas decorations. I think he’ll bring some joy into someones home too!

Christmas Puppy