Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Turntable Tuesday :: A Dog’s Appetite

Beautiful fall weekend in Alba (known for the world renown WHITE TRUFFLE FESTIVAL).
Pirouette Press got the chance to partake in the parallel event Contaminazioni, showcasing editors, poets, writers and the like. Wonderful meeting, demonstrating and speaking about the craft of letterpress with Italians and tourists (who got a sneak peak at some new letterpress stationery).

tartufi dbl paintings

I set up camp inside the cultural center SAN GIUSEPPE, a recently restored church built on top of a Roman archaeological site which also houses art shows inside the ruins. There was an exhibit called "Oro di Langa”. That "Gold of the Langhe" would be truffles--and just a little nugget of it can cost you 300 euro easily, and believe it or not a shaving of this fungi on your plate of pasta is about 28 euro.

Needless to say, this city is full of high quality food and wine. An appetite for culture, gastronomy and art are intertwined, and Alba does it well. The famous chocolate factory FERRERO (ever heard of Nutella?) is seated here. When you walk the streets of Alba, you smell chocolate in the air, no kidding!


What a delight to mix old traditions with tremendous stylish Italian design. Fast forward from Roman ruins to a cute lunch time nook. I love these floppy light fixtures at BISTROT PIZZERIA DUOMO, not to mention the pizza.

Be it charming canopied local food shops, 100% natural ice-cream carts toted by bicycle, outdoor seating in a small square with a medieval tower as your backdrop, or antique food tools with a capital "A" in artisanal, every clue points to eating, not just well, but the best.

pasta machine