Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fresco e Carico :: Happy Maker Station Coctail

Off the grid, not really...just working overtime on organizing a 1st. ed. Happy Maker Station creative market. So, trying to be as inclusive as possible, I thought it a good idea to extend being creative to other parts of the community. Here’s a snap shot of a local bartender and his interpretation of a Happy Maker Station cocktail: "Fresco e Carico--Fresh and Forceful. ”

 Happy Maker Station Cocktail

Happy Maker Station Cocktail by Alex Biga at Moro Cafè - Mondovì, Italia
ingredients: 2 slices fresh oranges covered with cane sugar and pestled, fill a glass with ice, 1 oz. martini rosso (Italian dry vermouth), 1 oz. Campari Bitters, 1 oz. Gin, MIX, 3 drops of Angostura, top off with orange slice and umbrella.