Monday, July 9, 2012

Tune In or Tune Out :: design like radio.

How does one tap into their creative energies to start the creative process? This is a topic that comes up very often on design blogs and podcasts, and there are many schools of thought. Some think it’s a science and we can encourage if not downright demand it.  I’ve even heard of professors creating special zen like rooms where students can enter to specifically enact the process. While others on the other end of the spectrum prefer to think of it as an entity called “genius” that literally comes to you to share its magic. I think there’s some truth to both. It’s like tuning in, paying attention to when the mind is open to new or refreshed by old ideas. And so, yes, I think there is a sort of science behind it because it transpires more often when I hear good discourse, take a walk or bike ride around sunset, see good design and the list goes on...