Friday, April 6, 2012

New Trends in the Art of Letterpess

This was a letterpress print submitted to the Danish Museum of Media, Denmark. It was a humbling experience as printers from all over Italy, America and Europe participated--I saw plenty of great work to aspire to. The project turned out to be a challenge given my set of wooden letters are Italian, both my hand lever press and proof press are German. Italian type height follows its own rules, lets just say, and so I found pressure from press to type to paper sensitive issues. I was dead set on using ultra thick cotton paper (now I’m interested in using thinner grades for my next submission coming up to the Salon Internazionale del Mobile in Milano), and so no easy task. This obstacle however, leant to a great blind emboss effect, but I still wanted for the wooden letter imperfections to show.

type poster

Evol Love 2011 letterpress print 15X16 cm