Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Caffé Italia

In Italy I am constantly reminded of the tremendous beauty that abounds, however sometimes suffocated by our own reluctance to go slow. Which brings me to one of the things I remember most about being at college was “going slow”. This was done with daily rituals of popping into and lingering in cafes, thumbing through books on shelves left there by some other, riding my bike to the next location, passing over bridges and through parks to the next cafe.

So, this may be the “why” I’ve decided to get into letterpress.

Found this nice article on great Louise Fili speaking about her Italian roots and coming here twice a year to get her mojo on. Her latest project was to collaborate with Rizzoli Publishing to create book cover designs on some of Italy’s most renowned novels to celebrate 150 years of Italian Unification. "I wanted the books to have an authentic yet timeless look, approximating the feel of a custom letterpressed hardcover book with a cloth spine.” Louise Fili