Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paper = Fun

27 rue Laffitte 75009 Paris
Neighborhood: 9ème arr.

I didn't have time to visit all the super museums across the city this time around (what a pity), but I did make it into a stationary shop, Papeterie Laffitte. There were tons of beautiful totes, framed artwork, leather diaries and boxed stationary with lined envelopes of quality made paper, but my main objective was to get a notebook to scribble in while at the letterpress workshop I was attending the next day.

I found a great little piece by Letterbox-Paris called "absolute note book". The outside paper cover seems to be made of wood and the title was in thermographic print. I took the plunge and spent a whopping 4.50 euros, but I'm happy with one of the very few things I brought back with me, and served its function for scribbling notes inside of.

Their online catalog is full of fun stuff too from the Paris metro map to metal boxes to scratch and sniff adhesives to posters and pulp impressions all with a vintage flair.