Saturday, October 8, 2011

Christopher+Columbus: Sensory Treats

Christopher+Columbus “Grammatica Cromatica” featuring letterpress & art photography.
All Photography by Kate Trafeli

Print in all its varying forms, I think, will be designated as sort of an esoteric art form one day, and so, one will have to find a mentor or teacher to learn its power of expression. This power of expression being the dynamism and impact ones mark on a piece of paper can extend. Could it actually make us closer after all? Does it close the gap in a way the internet can’t do? As objects and technologies become relics (or things forgotten) over time, human contact shouldn’t.

wine docg

7th October I participated in a collaborative art project/event with the very talented artist and friend Kate Christopher Trafeli. And print did, what print does: extend itself physically. The aim was a sensory event for the community, friends and family and included amazing tastings by chef Marc Lanteri of Baluardo and music by memebers of the local group The Clips.

Camera Roll-1690
members Mark Trafeli on guitar & Jack Hard on contrabass from "The Clips